will we see this on the x1 or should i just go for the one on steam see how it is /


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Given that it is still at the Alpha stage on the PC, I wouldn't count on seeing the game on the One any time soon.


If you want to support the developer then grab the game for the PC.

yeh gonna give it ago see whats changed just wounderd what peoples thoughts of it coming to x1

I wouldn't be surprised at all if it eventually came to the Xbox One but it wont be soon.

ill get it to keep me going

thanks for responce

I thought it was not coming to the X1 but the PS4

That games looks like alot of fun. I was thinking of trying out steamOS..

I think Elder scrolls online is what will answer many questions on weather dayz and many other titles will come to xb1, if ESO is a success this is gonna pave the way for a new united community of xb1/pc gamers.


I see so much time wasted on the xb1/ps4 arguement which will NEVER be resolved, what im hoping and anticipating because its more than just a big hope, it could be possible with the xb1.............that total failure of a game shadow...... where 360/pc gamers could play on 1 platform, I cannot see any reason why  in the future xb1/pc gamers could play together on one server on games such as dayz or any others would be AWESOME!

I think it was confirmed that the only console it's releasing on is PS4

I would buy it on the One, hope it does make it over.

State of decay the answer.