DayZ on x1

Any news on when this will happen wanted a game like this to play on my xbox for along time


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Isnt it still in early access on Steam and completely broken? And I believe it comes to PS4 first. Check back in 2017.

I wouldn't call it broken it's got some glitches but the big issue is development has slowed to a crawl.

I see this game going in my Steam "Vaporware" folder in the near future.

Rand, I've heard that "some glitches" is an understatement. I've heard it was much much worse than that.


Most of the complaints are about how it runs. It requires a NASA super computer to run smoothly at higher graphics settings.

The games hard, probably harder than it needs to be (zombies are bullet sponges, ammo very hard to find, etc) which also generates some complaints.

But if you look at the Steam reviews by far the number one complaint is the lack of progress. We would have been better off with the old Arma mod and let the community build the game.

I'm pretty sure its 1 of the 4 games coming this summer to the preview program.

I've played DayZ alot on PC, and it has issue. Now with that said, it really depends on how they are doing the console version. If they rebuild the game for console, and learn from their lessons from the PC version, then it will work well. Keep in mind, that even with better netcode and optimization for console, it will still be early access. That means, it Will have bugs. It Will have problems.

It is very important that people know how Early Access gaming is. It is helping the developers fix the problems, listen to You the gamers as to what would make the game better etc.

A lot of people nowadays when they buy Early Access on PC they expect a fully working, perfectly optimized and basically completed game. It is not.

The best you can do is expect problems and bugs, help them fix it by providing feedback, and hopefully enjoy the game.

As for the game itself, DayZ can be really fun. It all depends on how YOU play it and the PEOPLE you meet.

If you are a roleplaying person, the RP aspect of DayZ has been hugely popular, and can be an awesome experience.

Basically, know what Early Access means and how they brought it over to console is important as to if this will work.

I have been playing DayZ for some time too, really enjoying it and it is far from broken. Yes you can find lots of complaints on DayZ forums but when you actually read them you can see people calling it broken because certain things are not done the way they want it.

Ammo is plentiful, guns are everywhere but if person does not understand current loot system is the first one on the forums complaining about it "Omfg the loot system is broken and game is completely broken and needs fixing now or I will not play and you loose my custom give my money back because I is no understand what Early Access is!!!!eleven!"

Performance wise I have above average PC and it runs just fine for me on high settings so I have no idea what is all the fuss about.

Although I like how big and interactive DayZ is on PC I am looking forward to playing this on Xbox One on my couch with a controller with less complicated control layout.