Day one patch on none day one console


Got a regular xbox one wrapped under the tree and just wondering as it isnt a day one version will i have to install the day one patch or should it already be installed?



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You will need to install the updates the same as everyone else.

From what i have read it can take many hours,it may be worth opening it early if you intend to spend x-mas day gaming.

doh, the wife will think its some sort of con and i just want to open it early :)

Think how many people will be downloading the update on x-mas morning,it may take a very long time to download.

Not to mention the games take a long time to install too.

Update takes 12 minutes max to download.  My game installs took an hour max but they were all playable around 50%

Unwrap it and do the update, wrap it up again and it will be ready on Xmas morning!

Update took about 10 minutes for me.Granted,it may take a bit longer xmas day due to the amount people downloading at the same time but not hours.

isnt it amazing how the update only takes 10 mins for the ambassadors mods etc, most people its taking hours so dont listen to them, do yourself a huge favour and download and install before cmas day, it will save alot of grief plus you can check if the xbox is fully functional, if there is any defect because there have been quite alot of issues with hardware including the controllers not working, if you do it now you can get a replacement sorted hopefully by cmas, hope yours will be fine but best to take not putting a downer on it just search the xbox one community discussion.

Yule is on the 21st.  See if you can convince your wife to have each of you open a gift on Yule.  That way you can beat the Christmas rush.