Your XBOX ONE Beta selection has left me feeling unappreciated to say the least ! I have had problems with xbox one chat headset that were never cleared up after going through this website ... NOT to mention no private chat or voice comms with 360 users! Also found out several of my friends were invited to the XBOX ONE Live update Beta .I Chose XBOX ONE over PS4...went out on a limb to support you guys at  Microsoft and ordered my DAY ONE EDITION Console and Membership the day it was announced. I think ALL day one members should have a voice...since we put our money on the line for you guys ahead of the pack...The console has many MANY issues I would like to see addressed as I actually prefer the 360 to this machine  as far as user friendliness goes over-all so far!!!...NOW the UK  IS GETTING A PRICE DROP and TITANFALL added!!! It has only been about 4-months for Godsake! I feel like Day One Ownership and Membership means squat to you guys so I am starting to save for a PS4...but might be swayed!  I wish to quote  a pop song  "Say something I'm giving-up on you!" Thanks for any concern in this matter!


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The update will be on everyone consoles within a few weeks. The preview has primarily been given to Ambassadors with an additional random selection to help generate as much feedback as possible. Those people have been chosen to increase the likelihood of getting feedback as oppose to giving it to thousands of day one buyers who may not leave any feedback at all.

Bit extreme don't you think? Reward my loyalty and patience or I'll switch to PS4.

I still like my 360 as well.  I also know that the 360 doesn't operate in the same way it did when it was released.

And to the point of being rewarded for buying it first: my car dealer constantly provides me with new parts, tires, gas etc. all for buying my car model first! And when they have a sale, I get the money back that I spent over the cost of the car from the current sale price!

It would be nice if "early adopter" use the search fonction....

Something that needs an update.

These threads are getting old. So many thinking they're entitled to everything.

I am a Day One customer, and this is just a rant.

The titanfall bundle is a great business idea which works for both the Xbox and the game developer.

There will be more price drops and bundles as time goes by, and you can't have them all, now can you.

Envy is not a good thing.

As for beta, you can't have everyone get access. Point of a beta is to have a controlled test. If everyone got invited randomly, you would not have that,, or it would make for delays. It is not a stress test.

And why is a customer who prepaid any more valuable?I don't feel better or more valuable just because i preordered the Xbox. I preordered because i knew i wanted the console. Simple as that.

Be happy for the people got a great deal, and/or go fight them in a match in Titanfall instead :-)

Day1 buyers should have a voice!

So here is mine, " stop being so unreasonable and expecting things for free"

Do you honestly think they care?  It's all about the bottom line.

You'll have it next week. Hush.

sorry OP, you didn't "invest" in MS unless you purchased stocks you didn't mention. You purchased a product. nothing more

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