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I am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls games and I like Skyrim a lot. I also have the Dawn Guard add on and it is challenging and fun to play. My only concern is that once the download is in place and you reach a level 10 with a character the download just takes over the game and it becomes all about  vampires.

Very quickly, vampires will start to attack your towns and kill villagers off. This includes vendors from the stores and can greatly  limit your ability to trade goods and buy items.

I suggest that the download might be best left until the rest of the game has been played out as it is going to demand attention.


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cool thanks for the heads up

I still need to play Dawnguard.  I attempted to start a new characterbut lost motivation because if the heat.  That and the fact I realised my hawt High Elf character that I was going to play Dawnguard with looked like Kate Moss.


(My main character is Khajiit and I think a cat vampire/cat werewolf would be kind of stupid).


Now that the weather looks to have gone to crap again, it's been overcast all day today, maybe I'll start it again...

I seen a vampire kill a few guards in whiterun I didnt take any notice until it went for me

I really need to try this game, I never thought I would enjoy RPG's but I played oblivion an really enjoyed it.