Dashboard crash

My new console is only a week old and I was playing Rory Mcilroy this morning when something happened. I was searching for an online game when I was put to the dashboard and I had to select the game again which then reloaded as if I had just put the disc in. Anyone aware of this glitch or any other games doing similar. Worried my console is dodgy!


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Don't panic dash boarding is quite the norm !!

Is it normal for the game to crash that way? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

Oh right sorry I misread that I've never had a game dashboard on me when actually playing the game only when loading a game it sometimes dashboards

would it likely be more of a game glitch than a console problem?

I would imagine just a glitch just keep an eye on it then obviously if it starts happening more regularly with different games then you might want to do something about it.

the fact that there is a coined phrase "dashboarding" is alarming.  I have been having issues with every game that I play since new update a couple of days ago.  SMDH..thanks again Microsoft.  Chalk up another reason sony is outselling this 2:1.  Good thing I have my PS4 to go back to.