[Mod Removed] - I'm trying to grab the Gamertag: DARKNESSCHAiNED

The user is on "Silver" status and has not played a game since 12/24/2013

My gamertag is: DRKNESS Chained


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Doesn't work that way. Microsoft does not free up tags upon request.

If the tag is taken then it's taken, the last time it was used or the status of the account are irrelevant.

Even when microsoft did release tags it took at least 7 years, that one has only been "offline" 4 months.

Xbox Support asked me to post this with the number provided with hopes of making negotiations with the Tag holder. I'm hoping he/she ques in at some point.

Oh, and I didn't say it had been offline for 4 months (I don't know if it has). The last game played was 12/24/2013.

Support were wrong to send you here.

I also don`t know how posting here would start negotiations with the tag holder, I have never seen that person post here so how would they even see this?

Also its against code of conduct to sell or exchange a tag

Hello there Darkness :)

The above posters are correct. I am sorry but you seemed to have been misinformed by support. It is against the Code of Conduct to sell / exchange gamertags. There was a time when Microsoft were freeing up some unused tags for recirculation however that stopped when the notion was abused. There is no time frame on when a used tag will become available again. Sorry, I know this may not have been the news you were looking for.

I hope that helps.

Many thanks,