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hi all,

Looking for a wee bit of help!  just got myself an xbox, and one of the games I picked up was Dark Souls.  I started with a sorcerer character, but have no idea how to level her?  I'm shooting soul arrows??? and seem to be killing most of the things I come across, but does anyone have any good tips for levelling?





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To level up a character you need to go to a bonfire, "Level up" then choose your option (more details here: darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/stats) then make the number increase (right on d-pad).

When your in the level up menu, you can see your level, souls and RequSouls.

Level = level of your character

Souls = how many souls you have (you get these from killing monsters/ bosses..etc)

ReqSouls = How many souls needed to level up.

The stats on the right will alter depending on which option you have increased. 

Speaking of Dark Souls, those interested in the sequel keep your eyes on IGN tonight http://www.computerandvideogames.com/400114/dark-souls-2-world-premier-gameplay-reveal-tomorrow/

Still never got past them two fat boss characters, I gave up. No matter what level I was, they destroyed me. I think my game was bugged. :O)

Oh is that your excuse now Whagi? ;-)