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It's getting some high praise.


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It is, seen a few other reviews and they were all 90+, there will be alot of tears next week when it drops!

Definitely thinking about picking this up but there's just too much else coming out, this can wait 'til Christmas. Getting seriously good reviews though!

I'm picking this up, I still play Demon's Souls and cannot wait to play this!!

"If you just play games to be entertained this game isn't for you".


That's how the reviewer wraps up their review.


I love something a little different though and it's a nice alternative for those who've had their fill of COD type games.



I am getting this on PS3. I loved Demon's Souls so much. I really really hope my copy arrives early as I want to test my skills against these so called high level black phantoms there apparently sending to peoples games who play it early online. I will take them all on AND WIN!!!!!

Cant wait for this! Bummed about lack of party chat but Im still gonna play the heck out of it come next weekend!