Dark Knight Dissapoints - Bigger doesn't always mean better.

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" remains one of the greatest games released on the 360 and probably ever.


Unfortunately the sequel doesn't seem to be living up to all the hype.


Despite the rave reviews this title is getting I'm finding it hard to have a good time with the Dark Knight.


Bigger doesn't always mean better.  Batman looks like he's been hitting the steroids to the point that Bruce Wayne looks freakish and like he could probably bench press Superman.


The game is bigger too and seems to suffer for this at least at the beginning.


Instead of presenting me with an awesome story the game looks to be presenting me with a huge sandbox, littered with random challenges for me to complete to boost my Batman up but with little to chain together why I'm actually doing it.


Upgrades are awkwardly presented and don't always immediately seem to be working or are somewhat clumsy in their execution.


The Riddler Challenges in the first game were a great addition.


Here they seem to be immediately frustrating.  Timed Riddler challenges are just kind of annoying, especially when Batman can reach the goal in time but the character fumbles about collecting the actual piece causing the timer to run out and the piece to be locked again and you to have to go back and rinse and repeat the same frustrating affair.


Combat seemed impressive in the first game.  Here in the second it's blandly push X until you see someone about to strike you then hit Y to counter then go back to hitting X.


I know the internet is telling me I'm supposed to think this is the greatest game released this year but I don't and it's not.


I'll give it a fair go and keep at it to see if it gets any better but last game I felt like Batman.  This game I feel like a guy running around a giant sandbox trying to do Batman type stuff.




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Though it pains me to say I do agree with you. It's still a good game but it seems more Bat-Mite than Batman to me.

Got to be honest i can`t get into it either.

i loved the first one and im sure i will this one once i have played a bit more but like you say the start of the game is just a bit boring and overwhelming.

i don`t enjoy grand theft auto style sandbox games with dozens of side missions that don`t seem to run with the rest of the game.

and the ar missions where i am gliding through hoops are just daft and irritating.

i haven`t gone to the trouble of working out any of the riddler challenges yet either bar a few of the easy ones i just walk straight past them.

i am only at the start so who knows i may begin to love it.

Each to their own...I totally disagree with everything you have said.

The Combat is not as button mashing as you are making out if you learn to use countering and gadget variations along with the Combat upgrades are just fine...you can really tell the difference when you compare the combat style of Batman to Catwoman and Robin if you happen to have his bundle pack as well.

The upgrading is perfectly fine and clearly laid out if you take time to read whats on screen, you can keep boosting Bats or upgrade Catwoman or even just use the Catwoman side of the game to boost Batman.

The open World of the game is similar to what was used in the Spiderman game, its not as confining as Ayslum and moving around the city is crisp and clean once you get used to it....as to the randomness. Well, its a far larger playing area and the scattered nature of it is explained clearly enough by the story with random crime bosses and their gangs in different sections of the map.

The Riddler challenges are just that challenges...they require skill, even the evil little 4 secs to do five things lol....its a far better application of the idea then in Asylum

But I see the game through Rose tinted glasses, I see this game as a Batman game then the much hyped 2011 GOTY, it is ticking all the boxes I needed the game to do, and its going to stay in my collection just as Asylum did...and not everyone enjoyed that

But your entitled to your view so fair enough 

I bought the upgrade to disable enemy guns and I have no clue how to use it. The description says to hold down the two triggers but it doesn't work.

The irritating fights are those where you have to avoid hitting informants. 

I just bought that upgrade...just doing Penguins bit so yet to try it out, with each upgrade you can tag it to give a tutorial when its time to use it for the first time...just patience...maybe try it out in the challenge modes. From the description I read, you can aim the Bat Claw using LT then RT to fire it once you have aimed it but the quick grapple of LT +Y should grab the weapon, I think its like a combo triggered move as well...the swarm of bats was a little dissappointing lol

[quote user="Azrael008uk"]

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" remains one of the greatest games released on the 360 and probably ever.



Really? I thought it was ok. Wouldn't put it on my top 10 for either console tbh. Boss fights were uninspired and the combat held your hand way too much. Just dodge and press X/square and counter whenever the game tells you to.

I agree with Azrael. I never actually played Arkham Asylum so I'll have to try that aswell, but this game really isn't as good as people are making it. I'm just glad that the only reason I bought it was because I was trading in Forza 4 anyway, if I'd have been waiting all year for this I'd have been pretty pissed. Half decent game which once the story lines finished will be going to Cex for £28.

I was talking about this with Mr Charmer earlier today.


Because I tried my best to stay away from too much info about this game before release it has taken me a bit by suprise to how open it is compared to the first, even at times I've found it a bit clumsy and some of the missions a bit tedious.


I was hoping to get back on it today and see how I felt but other things have cropped up, definately not giving up on it as the first game is still one of my favorite 360 titles to date so will do my best to get some time on it over the weekend.

[quote user="LoftyBee"]I was hoping to get back on it today and see how I felt but other things have cropped up,[/quote]

me too,re-runs of red dwarf were on uk gold and i ended up watching those instead of playing this game.

seeing as i have watched them a million times and have them on dvd as well doesn`t speak loudly of my interest in the game so far.

Worked out the weapons overload. You hold down LT until locked on and then press RT, you don't hold them both at the same time as the info says.

I am very annoyed though as I was making some good progress, solved a few riddles on my way to where I needed to be and then the Corrupt or Damaged DLC error popped up for me.

The worst part of it is though that I don't have any of the DLC for the game downloaded. 

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