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Hi all,got myself Damage inc,and have been enjoying playing,but................im on the end of the level where i have to dive bomb the Jap flat tops.Having succeeded,upon returning to the carrier,the objective is to 'engage the remaining enemy fighters',which i have done!,obviously i cant land till the task is complete,but ive been 'flying around for half an hour in every direction,and the only aircraft in the air are myself and my own squadron,anyone experienced this??,im a bit stuck.


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The game is completely broken.I had a mission where i had to bomb landing troops.Killed all the troops but the marker where they were didn't go away so it kept saying i'd failed the mission.

There's lots of problems with the game.Glad i only rented it.

All I can suggest matey is to restart the mission as before mentioned by Daft Badger the game is very glitchy etc, I to experienced the same with various missions and its worse in coop but fun (if you know what I mean?).

Hi again,well,ive re-loaded the mission several times,re-loaded the whole game several times,and have come to the conclusion that this game makes a better coaster for my coffee mug than a playable game,at least as a coaster it does what i want it to!

If it is a problem with the game programme,how come it was allowed to be released on sale?,its like a car manufacturer releasing its latest model,but not telling you that the brakes wont work after 500 miles!!

I tried everything to get this to work but the same happened every time.Sadly it seems to be quite common for broken games to be released now.

I'm glad I saw this thread, I've been tempted to pick it up in the past and would of thought these problems would have been sorted by now? Saw it again in GAME for £8.99 the other day, glad I decided to leave it, shame as it looks half decent.

I tried to find the old Damage Inc. thread we had to post about my problems & warn people but it's burried somewhere.

Got this game and do actually enjoy playing it.  i do not have an XBOX Live account, but my son does.  I have downloaded a patch for this game using his account.  Do I now have to play under his sign-in for the patch to work?

As long as your playing on the same console you should be fine.