DAC and/or headphone amp for Xbox One?

Hello to everybody,

need the help of some audiophile expert on the following question.

As I intend to get the very best gaming audio experience on my Xbox One I was wondering if it possible to connect the console through an optical cable, to a DAC and/or headphone amp? A high end headphone would then be connected to one of these devices to greatly  improve the sound quality. Would it work??

If yes, how would I then subsequently enable the chat? (Through the forthcoming controller audio adapter)?

I'm not interested in the Astro mixamp option.

Thank you for any suggestions and assistance



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I'm interested in the same thing. Thinking of picking up some low-mid priced Sennheiser 558's and was looking for dac/amp suggestions for the Xbox One to make sure I've still got the 1/8th rule covered. I'm not an audiophile at all but have been doing some reading lately.

As for the mic option, I imagine you would have to use the headset that comes with the console, but just the mic part (hang the thing around your neck maybe?).

Dang, this was also asked 4 years ago!  No answer? Sad...

For the sake of sharing knowledge.  I was able to get the following audio set up running (and am very happy with it).  XBox1 console... output via TOSlink... optical, audio cable to Turtle Beach DSS2 (a strange little contraption... a USB powered DAC/amp)... console USB cable to DSS2, to power it... Sennheiser HD519 cans attached to the DSS2.  I turn off all equalizer settings on the DSS2.  I leave the Dolby surround setting "on".

Result: no background hiss. Playing a game like The Witcher 3 scared the bejeezus out of me (love it ["things' rustling in the bush]).  The DSS2 pumps out enough signal (and current) to run my cans, which are on a 2-3 m cable (odd quirk of Sennheiser, open-backed headphones).

My next steps = I like shiny things, and might have some extra beer money this Christmas.  A Schiit Modi/Magni plugged in via the TOSlink?  A JDS Labs "The Element" plugged into the console's USB port?  Stay tuned!