Customer service was HORRIBLE....

To start, I've never had the need to post on these forums. I've always been very content with my Xbox service. A week or so ago my Windows ID was hacked and its been hell on wheels dealing with the random text messages all time of the day and night. Yesterday my (linked to Windows Live) Facebook account was hacked as well. Long time friends and family  were getting very dirty messages from some random person. After talking with T-mobile and Microsoft for a LONG time I was advised to just delete my Windows ID and make a new one. I did. This fixed the problem with my windows phone and my Facebook. However, my old ID was tied to my Xbox live ID where I had bought content and had money left to spend. I called Xbox live support and after spending 1.5 hours on the phone nothing was resolved. I will say that "Mike" from support was a very nice guy, very down to earth and really seemed like he wanted to help. After making at least 2 new dummy accounts just to get this handled, I was willing to just lose my gamer tag, my content and leftover money just to get it handled. Unfortunately Mike was unable to take care of my situation. I was transferred to a "supervisor" who I assumed could handle my situation. The person I was put in contact with was VERY condescending and didn't seem to care about my issue what so ever. I was repeatedly cut off in the middle of my explanation. I was told that I needed to make yet ANOTHER dummy account just so I could be contacted by the investigation department. I refused. How many dummy accounts, passwords, and names do I need to enter just to have this situation resolved? I told the "supervisor" to cancel my account immediately. He informed me that I might be able to (somewhat) use my Xbox live service between 24 hours and 2 weeks. Meanwhile I would still be paying for the service, in a non pro-rated sense. Why would a company charge me for a service that I cannot use? I can prove my identity and payment method and still I was talked to as though I was a non-paying stranger. This was by far the worst customer service I have EVER received from any company. Although I miss the benefits to having Xbox live, I refuse to pay money to a company to cares so little for a paying customer. Too bad and so long Xbox Live.



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