Customer Service for Xbox One is a JOKE!

I got my Xbox One delivered to me on launch date, ordered straight from Microsoft Store Online.  I plug it in and my Kinect worked for seconds and then just died.  I called that night and explained to them what happened, they emailed me a shipping label and told me to package up the Kinect and send it back.  I did just that and via FedEx tracking, they received the packaged on 11/27/13 in Laredo, TX and signed for by J. Medrano.  They told me it would be 2-3 weeks turn around time to get my Kinect back to me.  The online status of my Service Request (SR) said that it would be completed on December 6-10.  It is now the 27th of December, and close to two dozen calls later and I still don't have it and it's not in transit.  They've escalated it twice and NOBODY has called me or attempted to contact me.  I'm getting pretty tired of calling them and asking them what is being done about this.  I feel like I just got jumped and robbed.  No one can or will help me.  I keep hearing that they're taking so long cause of the holidays and blah blah blah.  I'm not buying it.  30 days?!  I hope someone from Xbox or Microsoft reads this and will do something about it.  Your departments don't mesh well together and they say they can't make it go any faster.  If ALL of your departments can't contact each other directly or know how to work with one another, how do you guys get anything done?  Xbox will probably come out with a new console before I see the Kinect that goes with my Xbox One.


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Whilst I sympathise noone from MS reads these threads.

Looking at the situation as an optimist you still have a working console. I wouldn't miss my kinect to be completely honest it is merely a "toy" that sometimes notices I am there at sign-in.

I am sure that in due time you will receive a replacement.