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my gf was wondering if xbox does custom console colors she wants to get a pink xbox if any moderators could send me a phone number or a link that'd be great


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I was just posting about the opportunities that Microsoft and Xbox would have if they adopted this concept.

I know that currently there is a pink controller on sale, but a pink console has yet to be seen by me.

Just to reiterate, the ability to customize consoles would be amazing.



All of my consoles (except for a 360 slim) are skinned with Decal Girl skins. They're the most trusted skin company I've come across. Most console sites that sell skins, get them from Decal Girl. Their products are top notch. If you don't want to skin, you should check these out (my unskinned slim is in one)...


Unfortunately, they don't currently offer pink.

There's ColorWare. They're not cheap, but they do warranty their work.

DecalGirl is positively reviewed at ( I wouldn't have any qualms about buying from them. You can Google for "Xbox skins" and probably get a bunch of other options.


Microsoft does not have different color options as part of the base offering, though there are occasionally special versions (i.e. the Modern Warfare 3 special edition console).

I personally haven't used them but if you click on the link, it has "McAfee Secure" at the top and "Truste Secure" and a "BBB Accredited Business" and a few others at the bottom.  But honestly, I don't know, other than what they say.  Any online transaction is iffy in my book. 

is it trusted?

I'm not a Moderator but here's a link...