Custom Controller won't connect to console

I took one of my old controllers and made a few aesthetic changes to it (put blue and red LEDs in place of the standard green ones around the center button, changed the case, and put PlayStation sticks on the analog sensors).  Everything was working great, but I noticed the analog sensors were starting to wear out, so I bought some from eBay and installed them in place of the old ones.  After closing everything up, I found my controller doesn't want to connect to my console.  All of my other controllers work fine.  I don't think I screwed anything up while soldering, I'm quite careful and skilled at the job.  I did notice that when placing this controller side by side with a stock controller, the ring of lights on the custom controller seem to blink a little faster than the stock ones, and I don't think it was like that before I changed the analog sensors.  I've tried new batteries, the sync switch in between the bumpers, re-opened the controller to inspect the board for any spurious solder or short circuits, but haven't had any luck.  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?  I really like the way my new controller looks but it's a shame I can't use it :(


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It doesn't matter if you think the changes are cosmetic. Any disassembly of the controller is prohibited.

Boo...oh well thanks for the info.  Any way to just delete the thread from the forum?  Have a good day.