custom avatar

i know you can already make a custom avatar but I'm talking downloading a picture for your computer to make whatever is in the picture your avatar
i like death aka grim reaper so i want him as my avatar but i cant find anything in the store on it
so i was think whoever wants it could pay 800 +/- Microsoft points for a little software to do so anyone out there would like this idea to

please leave thought on how to make this better maybe they'll add it to the xbox 

p.s. has to have a 3D picture to get all the avatar parts right


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Custom Avatars like this are unlikely to ever be allowed. Just think on how many people would put racist or sexual images up "for a laugh."

i thought of that before i even posted this post they arent allowed to post the images like that or if they even try it they get banned until they remove it from their profile if they dont no more xbox for them
or like a auto block say nope cant upload image because it contain nudity rascim of sexually explcit content 

You aren't allowed to post stuff like that in your bio and yet people do. Imagine the increase in work for the Enforcement Team having to police images as well.


I really like your idea but I just don't see it happening.

i still would like he idea though even if people are jerks and want to take advantage of it they wont be able to or allow us to send a picture to an xbox admin so they can put the avatar item up and the creator gets the costume or item for free after reviewing the item for anything hateful ect.... plus they can make some money off of it for other people wanting it only 1 upload for that image in that catagorie such as death has 1 grim reaper costume and 1 scythe darksiders has all 4 horsemen and all 4 weapons

I wish I just personalize my avatar witout turnin on my xbox mostly I'm my tablet

Cool I just want to know how to change my avatar. Not my gamer picture