Crysis 2 - What are your thoughts?

I've been on & off it all day yesterday (sat) & today - Good graphics but not as good as Gears 1 graphics. The gameplay is just like every other fps. Its a good game, worth the £22.99 i paid for it at Amazon but its not as good as all the mags and websites make out. Multiplayer is just meh - naff, I felt like I was playing a poor-mans call of duty/halo hybrid, i played the multiplayer beta and multiplayer demo.

Single player is better than left 4 dead's, but left 4 dead's multiplayer is better than Crysis 2's.

If you like jumping great height's buy Prototype or Crackdown even, The nanosuit 2 jumping was lame, you don't jump very high.

All and all i think Crysis 2 in graphics on xbox 360 looks like Crysis pc from 5 years ago.


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Whilst i enjoyed the game i must say that  i was disappointed with the AI in the SP, they were really dumb & spent lots of time hooked up on scenery.

I liked the fact that you could decide whether to steath your way through or go in firing in all directions.


I'm not much of a fan of MP gaming (enjoy co-op stuff though) & wasn't all that fussed about theMP in this game, it did seem to have to nice touches to create a more tactical game, but the fact that you had to rank up in order to play other game modes put me right off.

I thought the games was really good although it wears thin over time very repetitive you just run through a city killing people and monsters.

I gave it enough time to see if it grew on me, but alas it did`nt. Now it sat on some ebayers shelve i`m sorry to say..

Still playing the MP a lot - connections now very good with little or no lag. Great game.

The 4 map DLC lands on Tuesday (I think.) Not sure of price yet.

loved the SP, looks superb

played alot of MP, havent touched it since gears3 beta but tried to play few days ago but couldnt find a single match! whats up with that. if the community was bigger i would play it alot more but its a pain to find games at times

Im halfway through now finding it boring, Im going to trade it in ay cex, ive not used the multiplayer code yet so i hope i get more for it

First I have not played the game. Why? Because after playing the first Crysis and then they change the story, just so that the game could be played on consoles.

Love this game. Really enjoyed the campaign and despite it's flaws the mp at times is fantastic.

The match making and lag are the two worst issues for me but once you get into full lobbies with a decent connection then it's great. I really hope this game gets fixed because it has great potential.

The DLC is 800pts.

That's a good price - had a feeling it would be 800.


Isn't it supposed to be available from today ?

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