Crysis 2 Download code.

I'm trying to but a download code for Crysis 2, the ones which were given away with GOW3 consoles and what not.

Basically, i want to know if i will be able to play online with the downloaded copy.


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Yeah you should be able to.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to play online with it.

Now to just try and find a code lol. I don't really want to pay over £15 for the game because I'm not that interested by the Mrs stepdad wants me to get it.

I received a free Virtual "Crysis 2" with my Gears Of War Slim 320GB console.


Works fine.  It's the same game as on the disc, just downloaded straight to your hard drive like a "Games On Demand".


I would never simply purchase a downloadable copy of a game as I prefer to have them on disc but this was free and I certainly have the space.


It's 5.5GB though.  Start the download and then find something else to do for an hour.



Crysis doesn't have an online pass if that's what you're worrying about

Yes thats what i was worried about, thanks lol. I've managed to get one for £7.50 which i guess is alright..... saves me paying the £3.60 in bus fare lol, or even more if the wife and kids tagged along lol.


It's £30 if you buy the download from games on demand.

I also have a spare code, but was hoping to get more than £7 for it!!!