crysis 2 demo

i want to play crysis 2, but i can't find the mp demo.



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I'm afraid they took it off when the game came out,it was good online but not sure that many people will play it now what with mw3 and bf3 out,of course halo anniversary will top all of them cant wait

I still love Crysis 2. Been playing BF3 recently but I like to go back, play Crysis 2 and L4D2 sometimes :)

I'm still playing Crysis 2 Multiplayer.  You can get a game on Team Deathmatchm, although no-one seems to play any of the other modes which is a shame, Crash Site was good.  Also if you get it don't bother buying any of the additional DLC maps.  Absolutely NO-ONE is playing them.  I bought the Decimation pack the other day and have yet to get a single game on it.

If you want to add me as a friend to play feel free.  There seems to be a small dedicated community out there, it's not as easy as COD to play, and the suit can take some getting used to, but it is very satisfying, there are rarely any lucky kills.

I've seriously neglected Crysis 2, just hope there's still somebody playing it when i go back!

It's an awful pity crytek and e.a stopped supporting crysis 2 cause it could of been the best fps to date.

Crysis 2 could of been on the top for graphics if they kept it to the PC only. That game was just too powerful for consoles to run Cry-engine 3 on full potiential.

crysis is an awesome game, its cheap enough to buy.