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Hey Xbox people.

Just wondering, is it possible to download Strider for the Xbox 360 if you already own it on the Xbox One or do you have to pay for the same game twice?



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They are considered two different platforms so you quite possibly have to pay again for the 360 version.

That sucks. PS3 let's you download a game once and use it for PS4/Vita and Steam. :/

This would be a great idea for Microsoft to incorporate into their new console.

Thanks for the reply.

Really? If that's the case it would that be a good idea but i don't see it happening as Microsoft can be greedy. I remember seeing a post where somebody bought a season pass for the Xbox one and couldn't use it on his 360. Same game but was considered a different platform.

Their both two different platform games. Just like saying unlocking achievements on the Xbox 360 against unlocking the achievements on the Xbox One. You have to pretty much redo it For one or the other. Same with downloads, their pretty much two different things. (Download wise.)

Games like CoD Ghosts or Halo Spartan Assault give you half price discount when bought on PC or 360 towards Xbox One versions.