Crashing XBox with Multiple Invites

Came across a bug/issue while playing last night 

When your in party and playing a game you can send multiple game invites to an individual party member.

i know that doesn't sound to bad right? BUT, you can literally send thousands just by tapping A button real quick and it will back them all up into a queue and keep sending them out, now if 2 or 3 of you do this to the same person......eventually if they don't shut of these console in annoyance it will crash there XBox- the invites will continue to land on his screen ("person a invited you to play wtv hold X to launch" etc etc) untill such a time as the box gives up or he gives up. 

not a huge problem I'm sure and a simple fix by simply limiting the number or invites you can send to 1 person to say 1 every 15 seconds or so. 


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You can report this problem on the Xbox itself!

Tried that, and talked to support. The support chap (vince O) told me to post it here.