Crackdown 3 Makes Xbox One Most Powerful Console Ever Made

 - WATCH THIS! This gameplay video explains how the cloud tech works. 

Incredible stuff! Cannot wait to play this. THIS is next gen.


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There is already a thread about it... ;)

The post is more about the article, and what it means for the Xbox One.

I put a link to the video as well for those that may have missed it. :)

Even though I don't really understand it all lol it sounds very impressive!

Cannot wait to play this new Crackdown, the first two were some of my favourite 360 games so have very high hopes for this one.

It sucks that the destruction is only for multiplayer. Still cool though.

If it was in single player everyone would freak that they can't play offline

I heard some destruction would show up in the single player mode, but not in the scale of the multiplayer. I really can't wait to play this though. It's going to be crazy playing with friends.

I haven't read it, I'm assuming it's using "the cloud", that really isn't the console. I can watch the most expensive movie ever made on my watch.