Crackdown 2

Just looking for some friendly people who will help me out on this game and not just keep killing me.


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i'd like to play but i'm only on weekends every two weeks

I am also looking for some nice people who wont kill me to play this with and we can help each other out. Send me a msg on xbox (gamer tag silybily21).

If any one still plays this. Let me know. Shame they axed the third one.

I still play crackdown 2 feel free to add me and I will game with anyone on crackdown 2

Hey guys, I'm currently working my way back through crackdown trying to tidy up old achievements etc - Is Crackdown 2 worth a playthrough as well?

Also, I was under the impression that some form of Crackdown is anticipated for the Xbox 1? As has been teased by the Agility orbs appearing in literature...

not played crackdown 2 in awhile, anyone wants to team up pm me