crackdown 2 co-op

any up for co-op? we have a party of 3, we are looking for the infectious achievment, (forgot its name) and the four player ones, aswell as that driving tag game one.



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Yeah, I'm up for it. Bought it new for £9 and have not ventured online yet. Just send a FR and invite whenever you're up for it.


Edit; I'm online most days/evenings.

I need the squad city glider achivement so if anyone wants to do that in co-op then i'll be happy to help.

cool, thanks guys! we havent got the wing suit yet, but still your welcome to join and assist untill we do. either of you free sunday night? looks as though i have 3 players ready, me, MA71LDA and sparklefingers. also do eithe rof you have the dlc?

Yeah, Sunday night is no problem for me. I only have only got the free dlc packs. Don't know what they are, just saw the word 'free' and downloaded it.

Sunday sounds ok, i don't have the DLC either.

dont suppose any is up for just a general playing of this tonight?

Yeah, I'll be online in 'bout 30mins until late.

i wont be on till about 7pm, is anyone else free tonight for a game? looks as though theres me MA71LDA and GrimStreaker80 so far