Covering the Xbox One

I usually place a pillow case over my electronics to prevent dust from accumulating. I have my Xbox One setup so it turns off/goes into a standby mode. Therefore, should I cover the Xbox One or should I leave it uncovered? Thanks

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You need professional help.

Hope you're joking but it's not a good idea to put any electronic device in a pillow case

I don't put any electronics into a pillow. I place a pillow case on top of the device to cover the vents.

If it's turned off completely then maybe it would be ok. But, in standby it does automatic updates, game and software patches ect... So personally I would not put a pillow case over my xbox one.

I cover my electronics when going away for a while ie vacation, or I know I won't be playing/using them for a bit.  But I don't worry if I turn the equipment on each day.

Or you could just DUST when things get dusty! No I do not recommend blocking the vents, EVER. I know you mean on the inside too but compressed air works great to get that out. There is no need to tuck in your electronic appliances.