Couple of new Minecraft screens

Taken directly from the xbox one build


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Minecraft is a game I've never really played for the simple reason that I know I will become severely addicted. I've thought about it numerous times though.

When this comes out in August, it may be time to give into temptation.



(Yay I bate geek to this thread)

Call me a cynic, I'm not a Minecraft player and haven't shown it much interest, what are the differences that are going to make the X1 version so much better? Or is it quite simply owning a favourite game on your new console (I know that feeling).

The differences include:

1) bigger worlds about 36x BIGGER than the 360 version and can change the size of the world from normal, medium, or large as seen in E3 2014 2) Bigger multiplayer (numbers not specified) 3) Bigger drawing distances than the 360 4) 360 owners of the game get a discount, how cool is that 5) can transfer worlds we have from 360 over to 1.

You bate me to this thread? Do you mean beat me? Because I don't think you lured me in here (although the word "Minecraft" in the subject line certainly did). :P

Bran, I would LOVE to show you the ropes if you pick this game up. :)

As for everyone else, you're invited to my grand re-opening of "Geek World" once the game releases for an hour-long tour of, well... My accomplishments. ;)

My plan is to build my own mini 'Westeros'

First thing i'm gonna do is find a large snow bio dome and build a bloody big wall!

Game of Thrones fan^

I love that series.....  10 months until it's back on :(

First thing I'm gona do is introduce it when it comes out on my Youtube channel, then start a Legit World (can always earn achievements on it NO creative NO host privs) AND a creative world. It looks like Minecraft Xbox 1 Edition also has some new achievements as well as achievements which are also found on the 360 version. Means more Gamerscore for me. Very interested to find out more about the multiplayer component (save to Cloud, giving privs to peps who are allowed to host on your world when you'll away, how many in multiplayer. I have some good friends on Xbox 360 but don't really want any on my world when I'm offline. Some of my best friends who I've elected as moderators for my 360 world have been kind of abusing their privs).

@Bran -- A guy I work with had the same mentality... he finally tried it out about a month ago.  He's addicted.  Came in one day telling me all about his quest for diamond-hunting.  lol.

I seriously can't wait until August and play this game.  I haven't played the 360 version in ages, mainly because I'm waiting for this version to come out.

Same here, I really want to play it but I want it to feel as fresh as possible when I get it for the X1.

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