Counter Strike : Go What do you think?

A couple of days ago I purchased Counter Strike G.O. I couldnt wait to play all the screenshots looked cool and Xbox was hyping it up and everthing.

Dont get me wrong the game is ok, the guns are awesome and its a real break from COD. But isnt so annoying how you cant aim down your sites on a first person shooter. I thought yeah ill get use to it but i cant and its so annoying. Which brings me to my question do you think they should update this or leave it the way it is?


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Counter Strike has been out on PC for well over 10 years & has modernized a lot of shooters as we know them. However, aiming down the sights is something that has NEVER been a part of it. I suggest that you pay more attention to your crosshairs & fire in short bursts to get the accuracy you're looking for.

^ I agree. They are keeping it real and in tune with the original. I don't think they will change it in an update.

Aiming down the sights or aiming assist has NO place in counter strike. You have to either adapt to it or give up on it.