Could you remove the Announcement that appears at the top of "My discussions"?

The post "Announcement Please post here if you experience issues where..." and links to this page,

always appears at the top of "My discussions" on my forum home page. Chat support suggested I should post here so you could remove it.. hopefully that's correct.


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NO.   Stickies and announcements  are there for a reason.

Your links are broken BTW.

Good Luck!!!

Link works for me, so I'm not sure why it doesn't for you. It's a link to an early access Xbox One update that's two versions old, and it's not been posted to since the beginning of the month. Do the update team really still want things posting to that post? Would a sticky in the current update forum not make more sense?

If that's how they want it, then no probs... was just trying to point out something that looked out of date, so thanks for your reply.

Maybe it's possible this Xbox One preview link is broken because indeed it's out of date.

Remember, this is the 360 section........

Much like many older sections, It does still exist on your options.   If it's an outdated forum, simply don't post in that section.

Thoes without access in the first place would never be able to see the forum anyway.

Contact a Mod via PM or flag/moderate the topics.   Often times Preview/ Early access Beta forum sections exist untill the next update anyway.

Thank YOU for the concern and link to a dead section.

I suggest you move on....

Xbox Chat support sent me a link to this forum and said I should make a new post asking about this, so I did. It seems to be a general Xbox forum, not just 360, but I'll see if I can find a mod who can help, so thanks for the suggestion.

Support DID NOT send you a link to this forum.

Hey Monty thank you for bringing this to us, I will pass it on to support. I am going to lock this up but if you have any questions please shoot a PM my way I will get back to you asap. :D.

Cheers again Monty.