Cool video about Duke Nukem and The Shining. Spatial inconsistencies in Overlook hotel

I'll admit that the xbox connection is tenuous but I found it on joystiq and D3D is on XBLA so eff it. A guy makes a mod for the PC version of D3D and discovers some interesting things about the nightmarish hotel in The Shining.

Jostiq article here


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That's quite an interesting video. Wonder if it was a purposeful attempt on Kubrick's part to discombobulate the audience. He was a notorious perfectionist so I don't think it would've escaped his attention there were spatial anomalies on his sets.

Amazing the things you can find out if you have waay to much time on your hands. I've still got a load of Doom WAD files and Quake 3 arena maps I made when I had that much time to myself (before children). Haven't got a clue how I made them now when I load them up to have a look.