Conversation between me and XBL support, about tenure correction.

I have been a faithful, loyal, paying Xbox Live Subscriber for over ten years.

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Eliot: Hi

Heather C: Hello Eliot.

Eliot: Did you get a chance to read the inital message

Heather C: No I did not can you let me know what is going on?

Eliot: OK

Eliot: It's rather simple

Heather C: I will do what I can to help you!

Eliot: My account tenure (the number in the upper right of my profile on Xbox Live) yesterday and for the past ferw months has shown 10, and before that, has shown 9 and so on. It now shows 5 today. Why is that?

Eliot: I have been a loyal and paying customer since 2002 or 2003.

Eliot: Of Xbox Live

Eliot: Can you correct this for me?

Heather C: Let me take a look at the account and see what I can find out and I will be back momentarily.

Eliot: OK. I've been doing this all day, what's a few more minutes :P

Heather C: Alright Elliot! I am looking back at your account and when the account was created and I am still looking at the comments and noted there. Just bear with me .

Eliot: There are some things you should know, I'll tell after you read all that stuff

Heather C: Do tell please and let me know so I can continue to help.

Eliot: I was told more or less that a lot of data about the original Xbox Live accounts was lost over time somehow, and that there is difficulty with the tenures from early Xbox Live accounts

Eliot: I understand this, as I have witnessed Xbox Live changing several times voer the past decade

Eliot: over*

Eliot: My account was hacked a long time ago, I think in 2005 or 2004, and I went through a whole ordeal to try and get it recovered, and they ended up giving me another account and tacked on the years from my original account to this one

Eliot: They said and I quote "your Xbox Live account 'Ragnarok X' is unrecoverable and corrupted"

Eliot: Ragnarok X was the name of my original account.

Eliot: It has since been deleted or something, and someone else now has Ragnarok X as their gamertag, and I have no chance of getting my original account back.

Heather C: Has there been a time that your xbox was not connected to the internet>/

Eliot: Yes, as I have moved several times in the past 11 years.

Eliot: I was in the Army.

Eliot: I hope you can help me out as the previous nice and understanding support people did in the past.

Heather C: I will do my best to help you!

Eliot: I am resolved now to the fact that I cannot get my original account Ragnarok X back, but I can at least attempt to correct the tenure of RaG nuh RocK

Eliot: Awesome!

Eliot: Can't you just change the number 5 to the number 10? It's been 10 for the past few months, and 9 before that, and 8 before and so on.

Eliot: I'm guessing that the latest Xbox Live update that I downloaded recently has something to do with this

Heather C: No

Heather C: We have no way of changing the tenure on an account. The tenure is based on the continuous subscription of Gold thru the years.

Eliot: What do you mean by continuous subscription?

Eliot: I've been paying for my Xbox Live account(s) for over ten years.

Heather C: There is no merging and there is no one that can change the date of the tenure and it cant be changed but by the enforement team if you had cheated on the account at any time.

Heather C: And continuous Gold subscription meaning no breaks in Gold at any time.

Eliot: So basically, it doesn't matter that I have been paying for my account for over ten years?

Eliot: The money that I give to Microsoft has no say in my tenure number?

Heather C: Alright delete your profile and redl it for me please?

Eliot: Because it's probably thousands of dollars.

Eliot: Ok, it will take a moment to download

Heather C: Perfect.

Eliot: It is currently downloading, it takes a couple of minutes because my account has a lot of information

Heather C: That is fine just let me know when it is finished

Eliot: OK it's finished, and it still shows 5 in the upper right corner

Heather C: Elliot alright then there is nothing that we can do about it and what that means is its your actual continuous live subscription.

Eliot: So you guys disregard the thousands of dollars I've spent on my Xbox Live subscription and Xbox Live?

Heather C: It shows that the account was created in 2005 this particular one and that the other one that was compromised caused a break in Continuous gold.

Heather C: I have nothing to do with this and what shows at the top is the actual time that it has been and that you have actually had a solid continuous gold subscription

Eliot: They fixed it before correctly, and now you guys change your mind and don't want to fix it?

Heather C: No one can change the date of the tenure except for the enforcement team only if they have found that you cheated.

Eliot: Then why was it showing 10 years, and 9 years, and 8 and 7 years then??

Heather C: No it has not been fixed and the rules have not changed.

Eliot: Over the past 4 years

Heather C: I do not know that Elliot!

Eliot: I don't understand.

Heather C: I am sorry, I dont know what else to tell you Elliot.

Heather C: I just know what the rules are and have been and that is all that I can tell you. I really am sorry man.

Eliot: You guys really hate me so it seems.

Heather C: No one hated you at all

Eliot: So the guy before you who fixed it in 2005 was nice to me, and you are different?

Eliot: Why are things different?

Heather C: I do not know!

Eliot: I am very unhappy

Heather C: I am being nice to you and I am doing all that I can and asking superiors too

Heather C: I am so sorry that you are unhappy, I have done all that I know to do.

Eliot: Why was he able to do correct my account in 2005'ish and you guys can't now

Eliot: I feel like I'm being laughed at

Heather C: He wasnt able to and I dont know why you were told that because No One can change the date.

Eliot: To be quite honest

Heather C: No you are not being laughed at all,not at all. I want to help and I am trying to

Eliot: Well something very obviously is wrong

Heather C: Give me a couple moments to check with someone!

Eliot: For the past 5 years, my account has shown, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, and now 10 years, and magically it is 5 years now.

Eliot: But no one can change the tenure number right?

Eliot: Someone is being dishonest somewhere

Eliot: Or, there is mechanical error somewhere

Eliot: I don't know

Eliot: I just feel like I'm being cheated

Eliot: I know it seems lame to you probably, but I love my Xbox account

Eliot: I'm on Xbox every day, and I'm a professional gamer. This bothers.

Eliot: This bothers me a lot

Eliot: I just don't know what to do. There is nothing at all that I can do on my end.

Heather C: I am here and am getting some help.

Eliot: I went onto the support forums, and apparently there are a great deal of other people who are having this exact same issue.

Eliot: Some with exactly my issue, and other with similar issues showing incorrct tenure numbers on their profiles.

Eliot: And you guy doing 'ninja patches' without so much as a warning to us Xbox Live subscribers isn't really good practice I don't think

Eliot: I downloaded a patch for Xbox Live not too long ago, I'm wondering if this has something to do with the tenure problems

Heather C: Elliot if your account has been with out gold at any time then your tenure will reset from the time that there continuous gold.

Heather C: So what that means is your account has only had gold for 5 continuous years.

Eliot: yes it is likely that my Gold subscription has ended for a week or so at times while I am busy in the Army, but why should that affect the exact number of months and years that I have had a Gold Account? Seems very strange to me.

Eliot: And why does my borhter have ten years on his account? We were both in the Army and our subscriptions have both ended, yet his shows 10 years and mine is 5.

Eliot: Brother*

Heather C: Is there anything else that I can do for you today Elliot?

Eliot: I think the correct question would be is there anything that I can do for you today Elliot

Heather C: There is nothing else that I can do but send you to the forums Elliot, the dates cant be changed at all and I am sorry that you were misinfomred of that.

Eliot: And so it would seem, there is nothing that you can do for me, except tell me to go away.

Heather C: I am not telling you to go away.

Eliot: I've already posted several times on the forums, which by they way, are pretty much dead, no one has commented or posted on there in weeks

Heather C: The only people that would have access to it is the enforcement team

Eliot: I am not a cheater.

Eliot: I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Eliot: Cheating at what?

Eliot: How can I contact this enforcement team?

Heather C: I am not saying that you are at all?

Eliot: You insinuated 2 times that I may be cheating, just saying

Heather C: And you cannot contact the enforcement at all they do not have numbers

Eliot: How can I contact the enforcement team? Is this even possible?

Eliot: They are the only people that can do anything about this it seems

Heather C: Since there are no more questions Elliot, I do want to thank you for contacting us here at chat support and have a great week.

Eliot: There are probably tens of thousands of other Xbox Live subscribers who have this same issue

Heather C: And no the enforcement team cant be contacted

Heather C: They manage over 12 million customers

Heather C: To properly end the chat session, please click on the CIRCULAR "X" button above the avatar photo on the upper right hand corner.

It looks like this: near the top of the chat window. Thank you and have a great day!

Eliot: So I have an issue and it is entirely unresolved, and now you are turning me away. OK

Chat session has been ended by the agent.


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Rude as fricking hell Xbox Live, why don't you just give us the number upper right corner for the amount of months we've been subscribed to Xbox Live? Why does it have to be a CONTINUOUS subscription? Preposterous.

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Hi there!  As I was reviewing the information you gave us above, I did notice something.  The agent claimed that your account was created back in 2005 and if you have had Gold the whole time, then you should show at least 7-8 years and as the agent also stated, no breaks.  However, Microsoft has been experiencing some technical problems with the tenure system lately and they have posted a sticky post here (  I would recommend to just keep checking up on that thread and one of the agents will more then likely reach out to you once the issue has been resolved.  :)

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It has to be continuous Gold. It has to be on the same account, they can't merge anything from another account. However iNb4 Ownage is right, if you have been paying continuously since 2005 then yes you should show 7-8 years at least. I know you were saying you were seeing different tenures since the last update, there's been reports of people showing tenures that are actually longer then they should be. If you've followed all the steps in the sticky regarding the issue at this point it's just about waiting. I highly doubt anyone is going to be able to honor the merge between gamertags, especially at this point when you say that the account has just been taken over, you probably can't even verify ownership anymore which sucks I know.

I AM NOT A MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE NOR FORUM MODERATOR. However I do know a lot about acct recovery.

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