Controllers Right analog stick stops working randomly. Stops and Starts.

Hey guys,

My girlfriend bought me a wired Afterglow controller, worked perfectly fine out of the box, no issues until it randomly the right analog stick just stopped working on and off. I noticed it while playing BF3, id walk really slow or randomly start running or just stop and start, at first i taught it to be some sort of lag issue but its happening in every game i play now. Its as if whats connecting the analog stick to the board is loose or faulty....was thinking of taking it apart to have a better look but said i would ask on here first to see if anyone else has come across the same problem.

I cant even return it for an exchange as GAME has gone down the ***.



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We suggest you buy only OEM controllers as the 3rd party controllers tend to be rather flakey and don't feel right. We have lots of cool controller parts available at and they are very easy to customize. The parts are built to OEM specs and fit just like the original parts, so they will always feel identical to the OEM controller and not feel cheap or flakey.

You buy OEM then they'll do a rapid fire modification for you without having to worry about replacement parts or variation in case sizes.