Controllers - Elite, Scuff or Razor? - updated 3rd June

Hello all,

I have managed to nag my wife enough to add in a new controller to my tech budget. <Whoop> to me!

I have been doing a bit of research and investigation on this and looking for further advice from the community..

Elite controllers - 

Look sweet direct from Microsoft which gives me the confidence that it is going to be a quality product... however the reviews on both Amazon and the Microsoft store are terrible are they that bad or was there a bad batch that destroyed the ratings?

Customisation for sticks and d-pad

Removable paddles.


Scuff controllers -

I do not know too much on these but are they basically just modded versions of the Elite controllers? they have much better feedback and rating but surely if they are modded then the warranty from Microsoft will not be valid? 

Razor controllers -

Razor always produces quality products and it seems the controllers are no exception. Great reviews everywhere.

Customisation for sticks and d-pad


Summary, i was all set for the Razor but the one thing that is holding me back is the wire.... I have been using wireless controller for so long I have this bad feeling the wire is going to bug me too much!

Ideally I would like feedback from people who have used more than one of the products, so the view is not skewed..

Thanks in advance

********Update 27th May*******

Ok, I ordered the Razor ultimate!! I will let you all know how I get on!!

*******Update 3rd June **************

So I got the Razor Ultimate and have to say I have been so impressed. Unboxing it felt similar to unboxing an Apple product. The quality and focus on detail was amazing. There a covers to protect the lead and the case is a great design to hold all the items.

Now the controller itself? what can I say! the swapable buttons are great and feel solid once connected. The paddles are a great addition and have made some games easier to play, I am no expert yet however I am sure as I use this bad boy more and more I will benefit from the additional buttons.

My main worry was the cable and I can say I do not even notice it anymore!

10/10 one of the best purchases I have made in recent times. If you can splurge for one get it you will not regret it!


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I absolutely love the Elite. It's my favorite controller I've ever used. Feels great to hold, has a perfect weight and balance to it. I've come to rely on the triggers and the back paddles (I imagine the other options have these, too, but I still wanted to mention them). If you have a Best Buy, strongly consider getting their GeekSquad protection on it. It lasts two years and covers everything -- even if you rage and break it yourself. You just go in, get a replacement for free, get GeekSquad on that one, and repeat if needed. :D

Hey Gupx UK

Good job getting the extra tech budget! Lol

I got the elite controller when they first launched. It took a little while to get used to using the paddles but its an all around solid controller. I can honestly say I couldn’t use another controller without paddles at this point. The grips are really nice and the whole controller feels nice and sturdy in your hands.

I have not used the other controllers so I wouldn’t be able to give you a comparison between the 3.

But I will say that since I’ve had my elite controller I’ve had no complaints myself. I did replace it in December due to a very slight drift on one of the joysticks (I can be pretty picky about this type of thing as I’m sure others are as well), but that was after years of use and countless hours of gameplay. I’m not sure why it has been getting bad reviews unless maybe some people are just abusing the controller. I do try to keep it the the case that also comes with it, to keep out dust and help protect if I knock it over because I can be a little clumsy sometimes. But I would recommend the Elite controller 

Go for Scuf u wont regret it...

Hi Gupx 

I have both Elite and Razor.  I recently bought the Razor recently after my elite controller had an issue with the headset port.   It also had a problem with the wired connection when I was using that it suddenly stopped working.  Having said that the general use is great.  The buttons feel solid and the customisable D pad and sticks are really great.  

On the the razor.  I love it i have to say.  The wire is long enough not to be too annoying.  It also has customise-able sticks and D-pad, although i do prefer the spare d-pad for the elite over the Razor, but there's not much in it.  The XYB and A buttons are very sensitive which can be good and bad.  To start with I kept hitting A when i was using X,  fell off my SoT boat a couple of times! lol 

The really good bit on the Razor is the hair trigger position, in the fully up position its brilliant for shooters, particularly if you're using a single shot rifle.  

Overall i think i prefer the Razor, but the Elite is also a really good controller despite some issues.  

Hope this helps 


Elite all the way.

I have had mine for years with out issue.


I like the Elite.  I have a couple and only one really had problems worh the grip detaching.  Thats a known issue from the first ones that rolled out.  I dont know if its an issue for later models.  Elites also use Scuf Technology. 

I had an older scuf and i really like that but the ability to customize my elite in the app kept me from getting the updated one. I prefer the simplicity or of the Elite.  

The scuf you can dial in more precisely but it uses tools and its really only good for people who play like one game or pros.  

For example if i used the tools to dial in the triggers for mouse click precision in Halo if I switched over to race in forza pressing the gas did nothing until i adjusted it again.  

The elite you can do this via the app and save profiles for games and just switch them on the go.  

Dont have any experience with Razer but the wire is good for competition and pro players.  

The Elite just seemed to have the best of both worlds.

After all these years on a wireless controller I always find it difficult to go back to wired. But I know the pro players swear by their wires.
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I’ve had two Elites and loved them except for the same small issue on both. The rubber grip can come loose from the inside seem which doesn’t impact gameplay but it’s just unfortunate for an “elite” product. My second elite is the limited edition Forza Elite/Scuf ans I have not used the SCUF paddles at all. They’re not in a comfortable spot for someone with large hands and not as customizable as the Elite paddle positions. I will never go back to a wired controller and can’t see how anyone would unless it was a live stream/esports tourney where you can’t afford for batteries to die.

I also recommend the rechargeable controller stand by controller gear. Great product for people that game almost every night.

Elite for me for sure, with Scuf Paddles
I'd say Elite is the best of these controllers.

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