Controller's Right Stick won't respond in-game, but will work on Xbox Dashboard.

I don't play split-screen that often, but I purchased Minecraft sometime ago and attempted to play it with a friend. The master controller works perfectly; both thumbsticks do as intended. But the 2nd player's controller's right thumbstick won't respond to any movement (only when it's clicked), whether it be CoD or Minecraft. We've switched out 2nd player's controller with three spares; two wired (with two different controller connectors), one wireless-- none of their right thumbsticks would work either, unfortunately. I highly doubt there's anything wrong with the hardware, considering I can manipulate the Xbox Dashboard's advertisements with the right thumbstick; the problem only start when I play games.

Is there anyone with experience with this that can help me? How did you resolve it?


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i have been playing minecraft splitscreen for over a month now with no issues in which we played last night with no issues. but today after i booted up my xbox and had the system update now my 2nd player right tumbstick is doing this same issue.

Play single player game with profile that is having issue. Check the game options for Settings/Control Game sensitivity and interface sensitivity Please change to 100% to both and your issue should be resolved. Hope it helps!

Thanks for the phone support DiamondXP