Controller "low power state"

How do I know if my controller goes into its "low power state" when I put it down? When I put mine down, the light stays on for about five minutes and then the controller shuts off.  It never seems to go into power saving mode. To start using it again, I have to press and hold the button for a couple seconds (just like I had to with the 360 controller). Was it in low power mode up until the it turns off completely? If so, shouldn't the light change somehow to indicate this?

Any general explanation of how this feature is supposed to work would be appreciated.


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that link takes us to the spanish page, not helpful.

Changed the link "es-ES" to "en-US" and you get the english version. Here:

I read through the different articles linked on that page and only found one mention of the controller shutting off.  In the "Your Xbox Wireless Controller Shuts Down" article, it says that the controller is designed to shut down after 15 minutes to conserve batteries. This isn't the low-power state I'm referring to.  The old 360 controller did this.

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that link takes us to the spanish page, not helpful.

[/quote]Not helpful your post either. At least the OP managed to get the English version changing some letters in the link i shared.

It's my understanding that the controller goes into a low power state whenever the controller leaves your hand. This helps conserve battery life & allows for the IR blaster in the Kinect to know whenever you pick it up again. Otherwise, it shuts off automatically in 15 min. just like the Xbox 360 controller does.

I thought I saw a preview video where the light went dimmer or flashed when it went into this mode. Must have dreamt it.