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Yesterday i went to turn my Xbox One on with my controller and it didn't turn on. I pressed the power on the Xbox and tried to sync my controller, it didn't sync. So i plugged in my USB cable in and my controller worked right away...for 9 seconds (exactly). Blue light is on the USB cable indicating that the controller is charged and the blue light on the controller is on as well indicating that it's connected but no buttons are responding. So I unplugged the USB and plugged it back into the controller and it worked for 9 seconds again. So i went online to find a way to fix this, but nobody seems to have had this problem. I tried holding the power button on the Xbox for 10 seconds, tried unplugging the cables, tried taking the batteries out, tried using double AA's, tried with just the USB cable with no battery pack inside and nothing worked. Any suggestions ?


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Forgot to mention it works fine with my PC.

xbox one controllers suck soooo bad. I think they are the cheapest ever. I know they can do better than this. Quit ripping us off by giving us inferior quality stuff. They go wack all the time. They drop sound and movement constantly and just shut off when ever. The party and chat is also horrible beyond horrible. they went backwards from xbox 360. It is sooooooo horrible it ruins playing experiences. I have spent way too much of my time trying to get the sound and chat to work. Not to mention that xbox should take a page from  playstation and make mics universal.