Controller not working right!!!!

Does anyone else have a problem turning on your xbox 1 controller with the headset connected to the controller.  For some reason I have had this issue since I can remember but ive never been to worried about it. Does anyone else's do this .


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If the batteries are good than your controller is probably broken or a bit faulty. Either way i would try to replace it.

What does it do exactly? Cant say I've ever turned on the controller with it connected. I've found that joining a party with it connected usually results in nobody been able to hear me, but if i join then plug it in it works fine. That's the only problem I've encountered with the controller and headset.

Its not a huge deal to me. Its a day one controller.  Basically if you try to turn on the controller with the headset plugged in it doesn't do anything it looks lost and the red lights in the front dont light up. I got the beta update and updated the controller that had no affect.  I only noticed this because I had the headset attached playing battlefield and left the room to take care of the baby when I came back the controller turned off automatically so I tried to turn it back on and it just blinks the xbox button like it was out of sync so I tried to sync it new batteries etc. I noticed qhen the headset was plugged in the red blinking lights would not turn on when turning the controller on. I just figured every ones did this. So if anyone can try turning on the xbox with it plugged in lmk if it works for you. Ill just buy another controller I would like to keep day one controller it works fine on everything else.

I have that issue to. My day one controller already has all sorts of issues. That, the charge port for the plug and play needs to be at a certain angle or it won't charge, my B button is sticky. I want to reach out to a microsoft store and see if I can swap it for a Titanfall controller. Day one controller is cool, working controller is better.

Hmm my controller is flawless other then this issue.  I wonder if they can give you back a day one controller if they fix said problems. I really dont use the controller that much I play forza mostly and have a wheel so I think ill just get another controller so when people come over they can play and wont need a headset anyway. Im just wondering how big an issue this is it could affect all controllers. I was trying to get an idea of if thats the case illl hold on buy another controller.