Controller Is Being a Neanderthal

So I am on my third Xbox controller and I keep getting the same problem. When ever stay idol, or even move in a game, my right joystick seems to have a mind of its own, from time to time it eventually makes my screen look all the way at the ground. It has happened so much, and has got so much dramatic, that I have gone through three controllers (as previously stated.) I have tried two wireless controllers (slim and old) and a wired controller, of course, all of them had the same problem. I know Microsoft is too stingy to make a decent controller, so I guess I might have to live with it. Hopefully the fix this for the 720.


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Yeah it's pretty much how hard you are or are not on the 360 controllers. I got a few buddies who are hard on their 360 controllers & are constantly replacing them. I don't mean raging throwing their controllers off the wall hard either. Just pressing the buttons really hard or try to "bend" the controller when pissed at a game. I don't rage to much if at all when gaming so my 360 controller is still like brand new & hasn't given me no problems at all.

Yeah the joysticks are notoriously bad. I have had two wireless ones get to the point where they were useless. My Silver version I got one it first came out didn't last any longer than the older ones. Seems MS will go to through trouble to design a transforming D-pad, but not put some quality joysticks in. Spring metal used in the stick assembly wears out and there is no way to fix it short of ordering new ones and desoldering the current ones and soldering on new ones.


Reason I got a a Razer Onza wired controller and recently got their newer Razer Sabertooth as replacements.Really sucks they won't let other companies make wireless controllers.

Heh I just picked up a new controller.  I had that problem with my sticks not snapping back to center.  The old controller had the problem from day one, it just seemed to get worse over time.

I've always called it "walk".  The fact is you're wearing out your controller early by gripping, pressing, squeezing too hard on it.  My controllers all end up doing something like this after a while.  I can get pretty excitable, especially while playing FPS, and tend to press the sticks pretty hard.  I have a friend who plays a little more than me who is still using his "ODST" controller but I had to replace my "Reach" controller just before Halo 4 came out.  He's young and started out with controllers as a kid.  I started out in the 80's with keyboard (joystick only when necessary) and never really  learned the light touch.

So you see, it's not the controllers, but we who are the Neanderthals.

It's just wear and tear and will happen sooner or later depending on how well you treat your controller.  I would assume you're rough and use excessive force when handling it.

Control Drift can happen straight out of the box without any misuse. With my brand new Reach LE Xbox 360 S came two, not one but two faulty Drifting Controllers. I never sent them in for a simple reason, it's a Reach LE Controller and I didn't want to risk not getting the Case of the Controller back.

It can and does happen, while the Controller is one tuff little cookie, it can be broken from day one with no User End Neglect. Chalk it up to, meh, I have 3 others that work fine.

Do you throw your controllers at walls? We have about 5 or 6 controllers in our house and the only one some thing like this happens to is the one my brother used to always play his games on and would always throw around when something didn't happen in his favor. Xbox makes perfectly fine good working controllers. If you aren't throwing your controllers at a wall then maybe you just have bad luck and keep getting faulty controllers. In which case I think controllers have a warranty on them and you can get them replaced for free if they break within a certain amount of time.

Sounds like wear and tear on the anolog sticks to me.

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My controller from my first xbox is just now after almost 5 years starting to not snap all the way back so I haven't had much experience with store bought ones or other controllers. All I know is I'm probably going to end up giving my original one to gamestop or something and switching to the one that came with my slim. It's kind of weird though. I've gotten so used to how my current controller works that using my new one that came with the slim feels weird to my hands.