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Heyy.. Like in my other post about my headset.. my two controllers for elite from my last one are not working on my new 360 elite xbox.. Please post if you know what is going on.. i want to play with a friend at my house but my other two black wireless controllers from my last xbox wont work. They keep acting like they are trying to connect like making the circle but they never do i've tried disconecting the remote that came with it and trying them it did not work, they dont even put up a bar to show they have connected to the xbox.. probably because they cant..



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A new 360 Elite? The "Elite" model is quite old, was it used? If so, there is possiblty a reason the orignal owners don't have it anymore. If no controller or remote is connecting, then it sounds like an issue with the IR sensor (that shiny black ovular shaped thing on the faceplate). I recomend removing the faceplate and putting it back on. If that doesn't work, maybe replacing the faceplate, make sure the IR is plugging in all the way. If not, just return it.

It is probably something to do with pushing the connection button on the console and controller. Do either link up at all by themselves? I would look around xbox support section on how to hook 2 controllers up.

Just to make sure are you following the accessory sync process correctly. Connect a game controller. If this doesn't correct he issue than you are going to have to provide even more detail in your attempt to sync them.

Do you have a Charge & Play Kit handy.  Usually this will sync a controller.