Controller disconnected won't reconnected

I'm playing call of duty and my controller says disconnected but it is still on and I have to quit the game and restart for the controller to work again. Any ideas??

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Try clearing the Cache on the Xbox, turn it on and once on hold down the power button on the console for 5 seconds.

This seems to happen every once and a while as well. I think it has something to do with the kinect sensor knowing ur there but the game does not. It's a very simple fix. When it happens (ur controllers on but still reading disconnected) all u have to do is hold the Xbox button on the controller and disconnect the controller then press the Xbox button to reconnect. Simple.

I've had this happen a couple of times on Call of Duty: Ghosts.

It's odd, not the same problem but my console won't turn on now by using the controller, the light just keeps flashing on the pad, I have to touch the power button on console, wait for it to boot up and then it synchs up, very odd!

Lofty, how long did you give it? I had that happen the other night. 20 seconds later it turned on.

@ Fatal, not too long to be honest mate, I pressed the console power button after about 10 seconds lol, I'll leave it a bit longer if it happens again :-)

Happens to me too. Try taking out battery and putting it back in works for me.

One guy had this problem and tried returning everything to MS and it's been two weeks of misery in trying to get everything sorted out.  Seems like one big Holiday pooper.  Way to go Microsoft!