controller corrosion

i was recently playing a match of advanced warfare when my controller batteries died, i removed the AA batteries and installed a play and charge battery. About 10 minutes after installing play and charge battery into my controller, my controller randomly died and would no longer turn on. This is not the first time I have had issues with a failing controller. My day one edition controller with a different play and charge battery randomly died and would no longer turn on.  I have tried multiple times with hard booting the console, updating the controllers, I have followed all of the steps in the support section. I decided to open up the controllers (they are out of warranty anyway) and check out the circuit boards and found little pools of white corrosive substance on solder joints around where the battery would connect at, as well as other areas of the circuit board. was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? and wondering if Microsoft knows of this issue or any issues relating to this. i am very dissatisfied that I yet again have to buy a replacement controller for my next gen. console... would really wish that the creators and inventors would test their new "latest and greatest" designs a bit more intensely so that this does not happen. i shouldnt have to pay 60+ dollars every 6+ months because my controller decided midgame it would like to shut off and never come back to life regardless of usb cable, new aa batteries, old aa batteries, play n charge battery. 


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