Controller Codes?

I have a 360S and both of my controllers have started acting screwy. Both were fine the day before. I changed batteries several times, no help.

When I pick it up and try to turn it on, or the console, the ring starts pulsing, flashing on-off, then circcling then pulsing again and stops on full ring, pulse, which will not stop unless battery is removed. The console will not turn on with this controller. Pushing the button on the charger tip (option) changes the ring code to circling, releasing it it goes back to pulse.

The other one will turn on, but shuts off in the middle of a game. It restarts right away and plays a few minutes more and shuts down again.

I have put 4 different, fully charged batteries in it, no change. 

Does anyone know the ring codes for the 360S and its controllers codes? And if these problems are in the controllers or the console. I think it unlikely that both controllers should start *** up at the exact same moment! I think it is in the console.



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