Controller broke because of indie game

I literally bought a new controller a few weeks back and recently Played an indie game I had sitting around called city condemned, and when I played it my controller literally stopped working, I'm not sure if it's because I didn't update it, but it gave me no update option so that couldn't be it, is there any way to fix my controller?

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Try going to this page on this site. It may still be under warranty.


It's funny how you are blaming an "Indie game" for breaking your controller. Wow. Why don't you just take it back to the store you bought it from with your receipt and exchange it for a new one. Sounds simply, right?

It may not be brand new new I got it used but it was perfect, fastest controller ever working perfectly until I start up that indie game and start the survival and then I'm just spinning so I thought the game was just crap, but I played cod and I still kept spinning and I pressed the grenade button and the grenade never exploded until I got killed, I also tried playing with my cousins remote and the same thing happened to his controller so I just stowed it away since it was one he didn't use anymore (from first xbox)

I can't see how a game could possibly break the controller, have you played the game with any other controllers?

The controller broke and you just happened to be playing a crap game which you do quite often xX SNOCOWN Xx

As others have stated, it is impossible for a game to break the controller. Sounds like you just have a failure. Some controllers "stick" a little bit (constant spinning/looking). This is usually due to controller defect/not enough area allowed for what's called dead zone. This is the area that the game ignores joystick input to prevent over-sensitivity and what you are experiencing.


The grenade not exploding in your multiplayer game is no where near a controller issue, especially if the game registered that it was thrown. More than likely a temporary lag issue.

usually a quick fix for that is find out what way your spinning and hold the thumb stick the other way and press in, you should  have a 7 - 30 day warranty from the place you got it from.