Controller after idle has connecting issues

So whenever I leave my controller and it idles off, it has problems reconnecting when I power it back on. I press and hold the Xbox button and the light turns on and stays solid, so it's not flashing, therefore I know it's synced to something. But even though the light is solid, the controller is unresponsive and I cannot do anything with it. Even when I forcibly turn off the controller by removing the batteries and turn it back on, the same thing happens. Even if I turn off my Xbone by pressing the button and make it enter stand-by/instant-on mode, the controller still keeps the solid light on even when the console is clearly off. The only solution I've been able to find was forcibly turning off the console by unplugging the console from the wall and doing a hard restart since I have no way to navigate the settings app if my controller won't respond.


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