hi , has anybody got any feedback on the scuf controlers. as i,m thinking of buying one and would appreciate the advise of anyone that owns one. thank you.


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Seems they just modify official wired and wireless MS controllers. I hadn't heard of this company before so I looked at what they provide.


The Scuf is nice in that you can get a wireless version since they are taking an official wireless and modifying it. Right now no company besides MS is allowed \ licensed to make wireless controllers. Downside is that inside the joystick potentiometer cage is probably still the same and that means it will probably be a year before you start to get drift on the joysticks and then tend to get stuck out of the deadzone. They say there is no slow turn, with probably means they put a very low ohm resistor inline before the joystick since they don't say they use entirely new joysticks. Would have to try out the under controller buttons, but they seem to be hardwired meaning you can't change them unless you open the controller and solder them to different buttons.


I think for build quality the Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit controller looks pretty good. Fact that the analog sticks are modular means if you eventually wear them out you can buy replacements. Can also swap analog stick for domed or concave they include both. They also have the 360 style Dpad module and the PS3 type. They also promise no slow turn which I believe since they make their own joysticks that probably use Hall effect sensors like the PS3 joysticks instead of the Potentiometer sensors you find in a MS 360 controller.


What you get for the price I think the Mad Catz stands out in build quality and features. I bought the new Silver 360 controller last year and it's already started to have joystick issues drifting and under turn. It's not to bad yet, but I know I will get the Mad Catz if I get a new controller. If I need wireless and precision I will use the black wireless controller I got with my new slim.