Constantly getting disconnected and signed out of online games

Lately every time I play a game online I encounter problems within a few minutes. Most of the time I get signed out and kicked to the dashboard, other times ill get error messages from the game saying ive been disconnected. The games will always boot up fine but ill inevitably be disconnected or signed out within a few minutes. It happens with every game.

I have tried:

> Resetting my wi fi

>resetting Caches

>re-downloading games

>turning the firewall off my wifi

>my wi fi isn't blocking any mac or Dns addresses

The wi fi signal isn't bad, and I can use apps on my xbox like Netflix and youtube with no problems at all.

Any one got any other ideas what I can try?

im on the verge of throwing it out the window with frustration.


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"Any one got any other ideas what I can try?" - sm0kes56

Talking to your ISP would be a good start.

Like Goth said, definitely contact you ISP, see if there could be a problem somewhere.

You say your WiFi, can you try it with a wired connection?

not saying it is although it could be someone trying to hack wifi keys

its a small peace of software that lists all wifi networks in its range including hidden networks

once they start attacking the wifi, the attack will try to disconect what ever you have connected wireless to your router

everytime it gets a client to disconect from the router the client try's to reconnect and when it does the attacker steels parts of your encrypted wifi network key in an attemp to decrypt it and gain your password.

i used Kali linux to attack my own networks in order to buildd the strongest security for my home nettwork.

The sad thing is its easy to do and quicker than you may think when using multi AMD graphic cards to decrypt the pass key

my advice is to make a long password using lowercase, uppercase, numbers and other char's for example:


a pass key like this would be ultra hard to decrypt, it would take quite a few cards to decrypt it in say less than a week.

the bad news is, does not matter how strong the pass key is because the other software used to keep kicking you off your router is the pain in the A$$

i rarely use wifi tthese days..