Constant XBOX security proof question issues

Hello everyone, 

Ever since xbox sent out those security proof questions on xbox i've having issues with it. 

I've filled it in multiple times, i've given numerous alternative e-mail adresses. I've given my cell phone number. 

Everytime I filled it in I filled in the code to finish it. 

But every couple of days it gives me the same notice on xbox. I just keeps asking for the security, even though i've filled it in over 20 times. 

So does anyone know how I can rid of this stupid security question. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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I sign in manually using the guide button , still get the "This one works" message now and then but just press B to back up and sign in manually again , works for me without all the faf of putting in phone numbers and alternate e-mail addresses.

I've been doing that for over a year (I don't always ask for a code)

But still it annoys me. I don't want it to ask me.

Trouble is , it will keep asking you , it's MS being security conscious .

But I'm guessing this is the origin of my MS Account switch issues.

This doesn't happen to everyone, most of my friends only had the security question show up once

So there should be a solution

Don't worry I still get it 10 x's a day so does the hubby. Annoying but he said to click on my home button to sign in that way. So today it was only one time!!! WOOHOO!!! If anyone finds a resolution let me know, annoyed by it!

Did you check the e-mail for the e-mails you put as security proofs? You may have to check those e-mails and see if there's some confirmation step you missed or something. That's usually the case.

Thanks for the tips!

Weird thing i've just noticed,

since i've posted this on the tread, I only had to verify once more. (it hasn't asked me the question in weeks :s)

Thanks for all your replies!