Console (screen) freeze changing to PAL 60-reset to original settings?

We have a brand new xbox 360e on which we have played FIFA14 successfully for a couple of days over our Sony TV. Today we bought Minecraft in a gameshop. The disc requested a change from our standard PAL50 to PAL60. By changing that the xbox console locked in a grey screen. Using the remote, you can hear the responding click from console but nothing happens. Have unsuccessfully tried to disconnect from power 15 min, taken out the harddrive and communicate from remote - no change, just gey screen. TV works as usual in all input channels, including the one we use for xbox (put a videostream from dvd into it). Used the working FIFA-disc for our troubleshooting. Is there a way to reboot and reset to standard settings? Would that solve the issue? Appreciate your knowledgable support before the children start full Xmas riot :-) Best Regards Kajsa

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