console restarting while left on, when ever i change auxilary channels

My console will restart everytime i change auxilary ports from the xbox connections to a tv or or dvd players connection . THe console does remain on. I have never had this issue before! I am wondering what would cause this, and if there is anything I can do to resolve the issue! ... Also a reccomondation to send in my console to have it repaird , if this would be harmful and potential crash my console. Only if that is neccisary . THank you.


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Auxiliary as in you have multiple devices plugged possibly another HDMI device in to your display and change inputs causes the consoles to restart? Or if you are using an HDMI switch same thing can happen. I think the console loses HDCP key responsible for content protection and resets causing the console to restart.


If it's component, composite, or VGA connection there is no HDCP and you shouldn't have this problem at all. If you got any of these cables around give them a shot. Also anymore detail about your setup would help.

Disable "Display Discovery" under the settings on the dashboard.

Yes disabling display discovery should fix it, but you need to know what the correct settings for your display are.

Does turning off the Display Discovery actually fix it? I'm just asking for my general knowledge. Usually when this problem happens, it's because of the HDCP handshake and turning off the Display Discovery doesn't turn off the HDCP, it just keeps the xbox from detecting the correct display resolution.

Just wondering as I have no way to test it.

Yes it does fix it. If you run your Xbox once on the display with it enabled, it will grab all the meta data to know the support video modes. You then can disable it and the settings will remain static.

I disabled it myself because when my Harmony powers up all my gear, if the Xbox turns on before the AVR is fully powered up, it does not detect Dolby Digital and I have to restart the Xbox. Display discovery can do more harm than good sometimes.

Good to know! 

Ive had this problem since the new dashboard, tried display discovery disabled but its still turns of  :(

Did you check to make sure that the update did not revert the display discovery setting on your console?