Console modifiers, flash drivers, wall & game hackers and low life cheaters.

We all know that going down the 'cheaters' path you stand a very good chance of getting your console banned for life and in doing so you losing everything you have spent ages building up game score wise etc., right?

Yet, you still 'blatantly come across so many others when you are on line in a multiplayer game' that have flashed 'applied methods to cheat' etc., to their consoles giving them a 100% unfair advantage over you. You can see it is blatantly obvious because of their elated rank, their amassed scores, amassed weapon entitlements and the kill to death ratio's they have.  

Before those of you that reply saying it is all gamer skill, and that I have none, I absolutely agree that there are those of you out there that do get high kill to death ratio's, get the highest scores etc., always 1st (yeah right) but persistently and in every game?

In modifying their console all they are doing is '*** you of your honest game play' to give them a rapid Elite, all game unlocks etc., status.

My question is this:

  •  Why aren't Microsoft etc., taking a more stricter stance with a more pro reactive and aggressive approach to locating the minority and blocking their consoles;  the same few that by cheating ruin so much for the majority?

So many report these console modifiers, game hackers and cheaters but yet we never get feedback or see anything reactive in return to show us the honest game players 'all and more' is being done to counteract 'block' the few that ruin so much for the many by dishonestly using their consoles after they have modified them to gain a most unfair gaming advantage over the rest of us.


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Haha, what a bunch of losers!

Certain cheats are easier to identify then others. Many gamers use cheats and hacks that were not met to be used but nothing is done about it until the games manufacture gets sick of hearing about it and patch it. There is no bans handed out for these cheats or hacks. At least not that I am aware of. Then there are the Jtags and modded controllers gamers are getting temp bans and even perm bans. Some are the responsibility of the game developers, some are the responsibility of the console manufacture. Being Microsoft, you would think they would develop software that would identify these quicker then they do. Personal recommendation. If you encounter a gamer that you feel is cheating, add him to your avoid player list and send them bad feedback. Just my 2 cents.

Alot of the cheaters and modders in the community and they do have action taken against them. The problem is it does not deter them as Jtagged consoles can be easily be unbanned, new accounts can be created and banned accounts just get ditched. It is a never ending cycle for Microsoft to ban them only for them to unban themselves and continue to ruin Xbox live for the honest gamers. For the flash drive modders.and DVD firmware modders they do get console banned and account banned quite quickly and swiftly as they are easy to detect but it is as simple for them as going to eBay or the local classifieds and picking up an old fat 360 console for dirt cheap and remodding it and either selling or ditching the previously banned console. You also have to take into consideration xbox live PET need to gather enough evidence on the naughty individuals in order to apply the swift ban hammer of justice. Lastly not mention they have over a million customers to moderate, check filed complaint reports and Investigate it takes sometimes just takes time for any action to happen.